March 27, 2020

Delighting Users with Web Components
May 27, 2019

This month I decided to throw myself into a project that would force me to explore a few areas I want to improve at. Previously I have had a kind of 'not my problem' attitude to UI/UX and that's something I want to address. I think this attitude came from University as UI/UX was pretty much always given no weight in the marking so I could still get good grades without thinking about it. Turns out University marking schemes are not a good place to derive value from. As I mature as a developer I am starting to release that the difficult part of being a dev is not writing a piece of functionality but rather deciding what functionality is needed.

Writing my first PWA
April 28, 2019

Something that has grabbed my interest for a long time is the concept of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). I've attempt to use PWA features in previous projects but I've always failed to really harness the benefits that a PWA can give. Every previous attempted failed because of my complete misunderstanding of the PWA life-cycle and how to integrate it well with the build system.

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